November 2010

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If you are interested in purchasing a puppy please either call or email with your requirements. All of our dogs are tested for temperament, drive and potential. We need to know what you are looking for to provide you with the best puppy to suit your specific needs.

Two puppies born to Electra and Astro January 2010.






At vom Koontzhund Kennels we are very selective with the dogs that we breed. We breed for quality not quantity. We only breed our females once a year. We feel breeding any dog more than that is unacceptable. We only breed when we know we will have the proper amount of time to dedicate to each puppy that is born at our kennel so our litters are spread apart to best accommodate the needs of the puppies and dogs in our care.

Once a litter is here, we work with the puppies daily to socialize and train them as much as possible before they leave our facility. Every puppy we sell is temperament tested to find what environment the puppy will be best suited for in the future. If you reserve a puppy with us before we do the temperament testing at 7 1/2 weeks and if our testing does not result in a puppy that is suited for your specific needs, we will gladly refund your deposit or transfer it to our next litter. We have been on the receiving end of getting a puppy that was not what we requested in temperament. We will NEVER do that to someone that purchases one of our puppies. You are welcome to come on site and test our puppies yourself before selecting one. We welcome visitors to our facility to see and test our puppies.

Our next litter will not be born until Summer  of 2010.

If you have any questions please contact us.