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What do your puppies cost?

All of our puppies as of January 2010 are between $700.00 and $1500.00 depending on the parents and the results of the puppy testing that we do. Currently we are breeding two types of temperament - Schutzhund and Therapy dog lines. The higher priced puppies would be suitable for Schutzhund, the lower prices for Therapy or family protection and pets.

What is included in the price of the puppy?

Our guarantee and health certificate from our veterinarian and also a Microchip. All shots and wormings allowed for their age will have been given. We also include a bag of food. We also have a lifetime support program for any questions you may have.

How do I reserve a puppy?

We require a 25% deposit on all puppies. If you change your mind that amount minus $200.00 will be refunded to you.

What happens if I need to delay my purchase by a litter?

Your deposit will be transferred to the other litter If purchased within one year of the original deposit date. The puppy must be under 5 weeks old to transfer the deposit.

Can I pick up my puppy at your facility?

Of course, our trainer will even give you a puppy training 101 lesson when you arrive. We prefer that you do come and pick up your puppy.

Who picks the puppy for me?

If you are having the puppy shipped to you it will be selected by our trainer who has evaluated the puppies and will choose one to meet the needs you specify. You can also select one from video or pictures on the site if you wish. Our trainer will advise you of the noted temperament and working qualities each are displaying. Our dogs are bred to be working dogs and schutzhund competition dogs. We test them all for those qualities. If you are coming onsite to select one, we will evaluate one with you when you arrive. If at all possible we HIGHLY recommend you come to our location to select your puppy. We temperament test all puppies between seven and eight weeks of age. We do tape all our tests and put them on the website for prospective parents to view and select from.

If I receive a dog and it has a health problem what happens?

You have one week once you receive the dog to take it to the veterinarian and have it checked. Our puppies and dogs are 100% guaranteed to be healthy when they leave our facility. If the dog is determined not be healthy by your vet, your vet will need to contact our vet to discuss the issue. If it is determined there is a problem, we will ask the puppy be returned as soon as it is certified by the vet that it is okay to fly and we will send you another puppy. We must receive the puppy back in the condition that it left our facility in before we send you another puppy. Please also see our guarantee for information on hip problems.

Will the puppy have any shots?

Yes, all shots that can be given up to the day they are shipped or picked up will be current. You will be given a copy of everything they have received.  They will also have been wormed.

Are there any other costs involved in getting the puppy?

If your puppy or dog is being shipped you will pay the shipping costs and the cost of the crate. You will pay the airline when you pick up the dog for the shipping fee. Shipping fees in the US usually range between $225 and $300 for a puppy.

What should I have at home for my puppy?

Go to our "Are you ready for your puppy" page for details.

What do you feed your dogs?

All of our dogs, puppies and cats are fed all natural foods that do not contain wheat. Feed your animals an all natural diet - period. You should buy all natural products like Life's Abundance, or another product that has no wheat. You can purchase Life's Abundance through our site. A bag will be sent to you when you purchase a puppy or dog. Some people recommend feeding raw diets. After 20 years of working for a Veterinarian I do not recommend this unless you are going to be very strict with a diet that consists of raw meat and supplements. Feeding a dog nothing but hamburger is not a well balanced diet any more than a vegetarian eating nothing but vegetables is - you must supplement with other things like vitamins and do your research into what needs to be supplemented. Also traveling and showing a dog on a raw diet is a pain and you can't just switch to a kibble diet when on the road, your dog will have stomach problems the entire time.

How much do your adult trained dogs cost?

The prices for trained adults vary depending on what you are looking for and the level of training desired. Most are a minimum of $2500.00. Occasionally we have retired adults that we sell for $2000.00. The retired dogs have been neutered. At this time it is rare that we have adults available. We purchase adult dogs for our breeding program and would only sell one that was unable to replicate itself in it's puppies. So far we have not had that problem.


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